To provide electronic communications services, you must acquire a General Authorization, which is granted by EETT. In addition, a General Authorization is required for the provision of electronic communications services by third parties who do not own electronic communications infrastructure and provide electronic communications services under a different trademark and business organization, relying on the infrastructure of other persons who provide electronic communications networks and/or services, with whom they have signed a relevant contract.

General information

The cases in which a General Authorization for the provision of electronic communications services is required. View more


Information about the Registry of electronic communication network and service providers maintained by EETT. View more


Information about the fees due for the provision of electronic communications networks/services under General Authorization and the relevant payment process. View more

Tender procedures

Information about rights of use for radio frequencies, which are granted by EETT through a tender procedure. View more

Premium rate services

Information about the provision of premium rate services. View more
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