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EETT is the competent authority for licensing land-based antenna constructions. In addition, low impact antennas must be declared to EETT. In this respect, EETT carries out inspections for all antenna types to verify their legal operation and ensure that no harmful interference is caused.

It is pointed out that the installation of certain types of antennas (e.g. antennas of state networks and radio amateurs) is permitted, under conditions, without prior license

EETT is not responsible for:
  • The electromagnetic radiation of antenna constructions.
    The Greek Atomic Energy Commission (EEAE) is the competent authority (Law 4635/2019, Article 35).
  • Environmental legislation, Decisions on the Approval of Environmental Conditions (DAEC) and Standard Environmental Commitments (SEC).
    Competent authorities are the Decentralized Administration authorities across Greece, depending on project type.
  • Urban planning legislation.
    Regional Building Agencies are the competent authorities (Law 4495/2017).
  • Proper implementation of approvals for antenna building constructions.
    It falls within the responsibility of building inspectors.
  • Electrical installation used for the power supply of antenna constructions.

In addition, EETT is not responsible for the connection with utility networks, which is controlled by the administrators of said networks.

More information about the responsibilities of EETT in terms of antenna licensing is available on the Information Portal for Antenna Constructions,

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