Radio equipment

Radio equipment devices (wireless devices) enable communication and networking without the use of wires. These devices are required to meet specific terms and conditions relating to the protection of health and safety, protection of the environment, avoidance of unnecessary use of public resources and compatibility with other in-service devices. EETT is the competent authority for the surveillance of the radio equipment market.

General information

Useful information about radio equipment and the responsibilities of EETT. View more

Notified bodies

Information about the notified bodies that carry out conformity assessments of radio equipment (available in Greek). View more

Interface specifications

Radio interfaces determined by EETT relating to the mode of access of radio equipment to the radio frequency spectrum (available in Greek). View more

Class 1 equipment

Radio equipment which can be placed on the market and be put into operation without restrictions in all EU Member States (available in Greek). View more

Surveillance procedure

Information about inspections to verify the conformity of radio equipment products. View more
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