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Radio frequency spectrum


Learn about the responsibilities of EETT regarding antenna constructions, the management and monitoring of radio spectrum, in addition to radio equipment. View more

Legislative – Regulatory framework

You can search for information about EETT’s regulatory decisions and the national/European legislative framework (available in Greek). View more

Radio spectrum licensing

Find information about the licensing procedure for fixed, mobile and satellite services, temporary rights, telemetry/telecommand and experimental/research operation, as well as the tender procedures for radio spectrum licensing. View more

Antenna constructions

Find information about the licensing procedure for antenna constructions and licensing exemptions, as well as the notification of antenna constructions of radio stations to EETT. View more

Radio equipment

Learn about the requirements for placing radio equipment on the market, notified bodies, interface specifications and Class 1 equipment. View more


Find information about the monitoring of the legal use of radio spectrum, penalties in the event of infringements, as well as issues relating to complaint handling. View more
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