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Complaint handling

To claim an assigned domain name under [.gr] or [.ελ], you have to file a complaint with ΕΕΤΤ.

Complaints concern claims for domain names made by third parties, e.g. where the domain name is identical to or similar enough to create confusion with a name to which any other right already exists based on any national or Community legislation. The grounds for deletion on which a complaint should be based are referred to in EETT’s Regulation on management and assignment of [.gr] or [.ελ] domain names (Article 10)

Submit a complaint

You may submit your complaint to this e-mail address: To submit a complaint, you do not have to be aware of the domain name’s current holder. 

Examination of complaints

Complaints are examined by EETT’s Hearing Committee, which is competent for all matters relating to domain names. In this context, a hearing will be held between the complainant and the holder of the domain name and then the Committee will make a decision about the ownership of the domain name.

For a hearing to be held under the ΕΕΤΤ Hearings Regulation, the complainant is required to pay a fee of: 

  • Natural person: 200 euro.
  • Legal person: 400 euro.

Fees must be paid into one of the following bank accounts held by EETT:

IBAN: GR 68 0140 3420 3420 0200 2002 535
EFG Eurobank Ergasias
IBAN: GR 8002 6002 70000 310 200 1131 44
NBG National Bank of Greece
IBAN: GR 6101 1071 000000 710 50 7000 70
IBAN: GR 1001 720 13000 501 3033 720 885
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