Rights of way

A right of way is granted to providers of electronic communications networks to install, operate, control and make available of facilities on, over or under properties which are owned by the State, local government organizations or are public spaces.

A facility is defined as any construction, infrastructure (such as outdoor cabinet, cubicle, conduits, wiring, poles) or technical means associated with an electronic communications network, which enables or supports the provision of services via that network.    

EETT issues a Regulation which specifies the fees for rights of way and use of rights of way applicable at national level.  The procedure for granting rights of way is specified in Law 4070/2012 (Annex Χ), as amended by Law 4463/2017.

Contact details of public bodies for granting rights of way

EETT is required to publish on its website all contact details for departments and/or organizational units of bodies responsible for granting rights of way. In the following link you may find the posted tables containing all contact details available to EETT. The tables are updated on a regular basis.

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