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EETT assigns and manages [.gr] and [.ελ] domain names. Specifically:

  • It specifies the rules and procedures for the assignment and use of domain names with the following extensions: [.gr], [.ελ], [], [], [], [] and [].
  • It establishes the rules of operation and obligations of registrars , who are the natural/legal persons submitting registration declarations on behalf of registrants.
  • It supervises the compliance of registrars with the regulatory framework.
  • It examines complaints regarding claims for domain names made by natural/legal persons.
In this framework, EETT keeps a Registry of [.gr] and [.ελ] domain names. The Registry is a database containing all the assigned domain names, together with relevant information such as holder details, as well as the dates of assignment and expiry of domain names.
EETT is not responsible for any of the issues listed below:
  • Domain names that do not have a [.gr] or [.ελ.] extension, such as [.com], [.eu], [.org] domain names.
  • 3rd domain names, such as Namely, any domain name in the following forms:

The fields “name1” and “name2” constitute the 2nd and 3rd level, respectively, of the [.gr] or [.ελ] domain name.

  • The content posted on [.gr] and [.ελ.] websites.
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights on the Internet.
  • Electronic mail (e-mail).
  • Post type