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Wholesale services

Wholesale Local Access

OTE’s copper pair rented by a third party for the provision of fixed telephony/broadband services. View more


The physical/logical connection of the networks of electronic communications providers. View more


The terms/conditions and the procedure based on which space is provided in a colocation center for servers and equipment that can directly connect to Internet network backbones. View more

Cost accounting audit

An audit on electronic communications providers examining their compliance to the imposed regulatory obligations of price control, cost accounting and accounting separation. View more

Margin squeeze test

Margin squeeze test by EETT regarding the ability of alternative operators to compete profitably in the retail market with the Significant Market Power (SMP) operator, using the wholesale services provided by the SMP operator. View more

Leased Lines

A dedicated communication channel that interconnects two or more sites. It is used by providers to serve their own needs or are provided to corporate customers. View more

Wholesale Central Access

The usage of the incumbent’s network infrastructure by alternative operators for the provision of broadband DSL services. View more

Wholesale Line Rental

Alternative operators’ rental of a line from OTE to resell it to end users. View more

VDSL Vectoring

Roll-out of new generation networks utilizing the existing copper network. View more

Broadband infrastructure – Rural areas

Development of broadband infrastructure in rural “white” areas of the Greek territory. View more

Digital broadcasting networks

Installation, operation and exploitation of a terrestrial digital broadcasting network and provision of electronic communications services. View more


Provision of broadband access and telephony services in areas where another provider has deployed a new generation access network. View more
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