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Electronic communications


Learn about the responsibilities of EETT regarding the provision of services/networks. View more

Legislative – Regulatory framework

Search for information about EETT’s regulatory decisions and the national/EU legislative framework (available in Greek). View more


Find out about issues such as General Authorizations, fees, tender procedures for awarding rights of use of spectrum and EETT’s Registry of electronic communication providers. View more


Learn about the procedure for the primary allocation of numbers by EETT and other useful information. View more

Universal Service

Find information about the services included in the Universal Service, the procedure for designating providers and the relevant obligations, as well as the results of audits. View more

Market analysis

Find information about the definition of relevant markets and the designation of undertakings as having Significant Market Power (SMP), the analysis of the level of competition and the obligations imposed on undertakings having SMP (available in Greek). View more

Rights of way

Find information about rights of way granted to network providers to establish, operate, control and provide access to facilities on properties which are owned by the State and local government organizations or are public spaces. View more

Wholesale services

Learn about issues relating to wholesale access, Interconnection, co-location, cost accounting control and audit of retail offers, Leased Lines, VDSL Vectoring, VLU and digital broadcasting networks. View more

Open Internet

Find information about issues pertaining to the accessibility of users to services/content/applications and the non-discrimination obligation of providers. View more

Trust services

Information about the types of trust services, the registration procedure for providers and relevant fees. View more

Domain names

Find information about the registration of [.gr] and [.ελ] domain names, licensing of registrars and update on domain names assigned. View more
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