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EETT has implemented the ‘Management by Objectives System’ (Law 4369/2016) setting strategic goals on an annual basis which are further specified into business objectives and action plans per organizational unit.

More specifically, the strategic goals set for 2022 focus on:

  • Protecting consumers in the rapidly changing environment of new technologies.
  • Enhancing competition and establishing a safe environment for investments in the markets that fall within its competence.
  • Expanding 5G and optical fiber networks (Fiber To The Premises-FTTP/Fiber To The Home-FTTH) as well as copper switch-off.
  • Encouraging the development and use of more competitive 5G products and services (as a driver for growth) in order to create a competitive advantage in a number of vertical markets.
  • Improving and modernizing postal and courier services.
  • Expanding connectivity and access to modern services for vulnerable social groups.
  • Highlighting the vital role of EETT in the country’s digital transformation and innovation ecosystem, while enhancing its extroversion policy and international presence.
  • Optimizing EETT’s administrative operation, modernizing the organization and upgrading its technical infrastructure.
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