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Accessibility statement

The Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) is committed to making the website “” accessible, according to the provisions of Law 4727/2020 (Government Gazette 184/A/23-09-2022), as in force.

This accessibility statement applies to the website “”. It does not apply to content on subdomains or websites of third parties that are accessible through links.

State of conformity

The website “” complies with the provisions of Article 39 of Law 4727/2020 on accessibility requirements for websites and mobile applications (Article 4 of Directive (EU) 2016/2102) and with WCAG 2.1 AA.

More specifically, the website has integrated the UserWay Accessibility Widget, which offers people with disabilities (persons with visual, hearing, cognitive or motor function) a range of functions to tailor the content to their needs.

In addition, the drafting of the content and the implementation of the functionality of the website were based on the provisions of the WCAG 2.1 AA standard.

The following are excluded from the above: a. content derived from applications or websites of third parties outside EETT, in accordance with Article 37(3)(ε) of Law 4727/2020, b. content of other applications of EETT (outside of this website), which either fall under Article 37(3)(ζ) of Law 4727/2020, or under the provisions of Article 40 of the same Law for disproportionate burden and c. articles (announcements, press releases, public consultations, tenders) resulting from a migration from the pre-existing EETT website and which fall either under Article 37(3)(η) of Law 4727/2020 or under the provisions of Article 40 of the same Law for a disproportionate burden.

In any case, cases of disproportionate burden shall be taken into account when planning EETT’s work to address them as soon as possible.

Preparation of the accessibility statement

This declaration was drawn up on 02-2023.

The assessment of the website’s compliance with the requirements of Directive (EU) 2016/2102 was carried out using the following tools:

Date of last revision: 29-01-2024.

Performing of regular checks

At EETT we constantly strive to improve the level of accessibility of the website, as it is a moral obligation for us to ensure the smooth and easy use by all visitors.

Part of the content may not have been fully tailored to the strictest standards of accessibility, but it is our long-standing goal to identify the areas for improvement and to implement the best technological solution where possible. In this context, we regularly scan our website with the Wave Web Accessibility Evaluation tool, as well as other tools (such as the AceIt tool) to identify and correct any possible accessibility barriers to accessing the available information and functionality. We also carry out manual checks and checks using assistive tools. Finally, we seek working with disabled users to identify difficulties in browsing and address them.

Submission of requests/comments

According to the provisions of Law 4727/2020, any interested party has the right to submit observations, a request for information on the state of compliance or a request for missing information (see Art. 42 b)(4). and art. 45 par 1 of Law 4727/2020).

The above shall be submitted to EETT:

The Operations and Process Analysis Department of the Digital Government Directorate of EETT is responsible for accessibility issues and the handling of the submitted requests.

Responding procedure

The competent EETT unit shall respond to requests made in any appropriate manner and as soon as possible. In the event of an unsatisfactory response to the information or requests, the person concerned shall be entitled to contact the relevant institutional bodies, such as the Hellenic Consumers’ Ombudsman, by submitting a report.

Activation of the Accessibility Menu

The accessibility menu of the website “” is activated by clicking on the relevant icon that appears in the lower right corner of the pages of the website.


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