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Wireless devices refer to technological devices such as mobile phones, remote-controlled toys, certain types of remote controls and devices enabling wireless access to the Internet. In order to be placed on the market, these devices must meet specified requirements, which are mainly associated with the health and safety of the public and the avoidance of harmful interference. These requirements are common for all Member States of the European Union (EU).

In addition, manufacturers and distributors are required to ensure that devices bear the CE marking and additional markings and are accompanied by specific documents that verify their compliance with the above-mentioned requirements.

EETT is the competent authority for the surveillance of the radio equipment market. It carries out sample inspections and in the event of infringements, it imposes restrictive measures and penalties.

Information about essential accompanying documents and markings

All new wireless devices that are sold on the Greek market must be accompanied by specific markings (such as the CE marking) and documents proving their compliance with the legislative-regulatory framework. Markings and documents must verify the essential requirements, which are as follows:  

  • The safety and health of the user and the general public.
  • The proper and efficient use of radio spectrum in order to avoid harmful interference.
  • Operation without affecting adjacent devices.
Essential accompanying documents and markings (available in Greek)
Important note:
  • Where there is a marking (e.g. Σήμανση Icon ), accompanied by the EL abbreviation, on the packaging about the existence of restrictions, you are advised to read carefully the accompanying documents and learn whether the use of the device is prohibited in Greece or an authorization of use is required.
  • Any new device sold without the essential markings and documents is not allowed to be put into service. The operation of non-conforming devices may pose risks to you or others.

Find information about the announcements made by EETT on issues relating to the surveillance of radio equipment (available in Greek):

Information regarding notifications for unsafe products is available on the following websites:

In addition, learn about the installation and use of mobile repeaters (available in Greek):

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