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General information

The competition law framework (and policy) constitute a set of rules, whose effective implementation ensures the fostering of sustainable competition in the markets. To maintain the proper functioning of the markets, Competition Authorities, in cooperation with the European Commission, prevent and correct the behaviors of undertakings that might undermine competition, particularly through agreements (cartels) aiming at or resulting in distortions in a market, practices of abuse of dominant position by undertakings having dominant market share or even through concentrations, which may hamper the ensemble of the market structure.

Acting as the exclusive competition Authority in the Greek markets of Electronic Communications and Postal services, EETT:

  • Intervenes, on an ex-officio basis or upon a complaint, to prohibit anti-competitive agreements between market players and also abusive behaviors by companies holding a dominant position in the relevant markets.
  • Examines and controls proactively concentrations of undertakings to ensure that they do not restrict competition in the relevant markets. 

Effective competition in the markets, produces multiple benefits, and in particular:

  • For businesses: It encourages entrepreneurship, efficiency and innovation.
  • For consumers: It increases the availability of high-quality and innovative options, while reducing the prices of products/services.
  • For the economy: It ensures continued growth by generating investments and new jobs.
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