EETT supervises and monitors the legal use of the radio frequency spectrum and may impose penalties if infringements are found. In particular, the Spectrum Monitoring Planning Department and the Spectrum Monitoring Departments located in Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Crete and Patras are responsible for issues relating to radio spectrum monitoring.

General information

Information about issues pertaining to monitoring. View more

Audit activities

Detailed information about audit/monitoring activities performed by EETT to ensure the legal use of the radio spectrum. View more


The penalties provided for in the event of infringements regarding radio spectrum use or antenna constructions. View more

Spectrum monitoring system

Presentation of the spectrum monitoring system implemented by EETT (available in Greek). View more

Quality measurement system

Information about the specific equipment employed by EETT to measure the quality of mobile electronic communications networks (available in Greek). View more

Complaint handling

Learn how you can submit a complaint about interferences. View more
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