General information

EETT supervises and monitors the legal use of the radio spectrum and may impose penalties if infringements are found. In particular, the Spectrum Monitoring Planning Department and the Spectrum Monitoring Departments located in Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Crete and Patras are responsible for issues related to radio spectrum monitoring.

The dedicated teams of EETT carry out inspections, either ex officio or upon complaints, on a daily basis, taking into consideration the criticality of problems, e.g. interferences in public electronic communications networks. In addition, on-call teams work throughout the year on a 24-hour basis. The aim is to promptly address any interference that might cause problems to systems of air and sea navigation, security and armed forces, which may present a risk to the safety of human life. 

For the purpose of radio spectrum monitoring, ΕΕΤΤ uses special equipment, which is part of the National Spectrum Management and Monitoring System – NSMMS (available in Greek).

In the event of an infringement, the procedure for imposing administrative penalties (available in Greek) (Law 4727/2020, Article 138) is activated. In addition, the imposition of criminal penalties for the illegal use of radio frequencies is provided for ( Law 4727/2020, Article 138 and Law 4635/2019, Article 37), with the possibility to confiscate any technical equipment used.

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