In this section you can find detailed information about issues relating to fixed/mobile telephony and the Internet. Namely, information is available on the following topics:

  • Charges, e.g. early termination fees and disputed billing charges. 
  • Number portability, i.e. the right to port your number to another provider. For example, the procedure and deadlines, in addition to steps for canceling a portability request. 
  • Service failure, such as problems with repair process and time limits, compensation issues. 
  • Internet issues and in particular, quality of services, discrepancies between measured speed and the performance stated in the terms of provision/use of the service.

At EETT, we aim at providing you with regular information about regulatory and supervisory actions with the view to safeguarding your rights in the electronic communications market. EETT provides the regulatory framework and monitors technological advancements so that companies may compete on a level playing field for the benefit of consumers. In addition, it supervises the market and intervenes, where necessary (e.g. by issuing Regulations, carrying out audits and imposing penalties, issuing recommendations to consumers), to ensure the proper functioning of the market.

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