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EETTΤ regulates, supervises and monitors the postal market, in which providers of postal and courier services operate. In addition, it is entrusted with the competence to act as the competition authority in this market. In particular, the responsibilities of EETT entail:

  • Granting Individual Licences (available in Greek)  and registering postal service providers under General Authorization, in addition to keeping a registry of postal service providers, their networks included. 
  • Specifying the obligations of providers and the conditions for the provision of services to users, by issuing Regulations and Codes of Conduct.
  • Supervising and monitoring postal service providers in terms of their compliance with the regulatory framework (available in Greek) and intervening, either ex officio or upon a complaint, by imposing penalties where infringements are established. 
  • Monitoring compliance with the legislation on free competition, focusing on the practices of postal service providers, and intervening where competition does not function effectively. 
  • Determining the calculation method of the Universal Service Net Cost, verifying the cost of the Universal Service Provider-USP (ELTA) and managing its compensation.
  • Monitoring the quality of the services (available in Greek) provided by the USP  (ELTA). 
  • Reviewing and approving the cost accounting system of the USP and monitoring its proper implementation, as well as its invoicing.
  • Determining the conditions for the access of providers to the infrastructure and services of the USP.
  • Contributing to the resolution of disputes between providers and users and also examining complaints submitted by users, based on the Regulations it issues. In addition, it regulates issues relating to compensation for non-compliance with service quality standards. 
  • Informing users and issuing recommendations about their rights and obligations, as well as the developments in the postal services market.
EETT is not responsible for issues regarding:
  • Post type