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Social media policy

Within the framework of EETT’s social media policy, the following shall apply:

  • EETT’s social media are not used for business promotion or advertising of enterprises or any other commercial purpose whatsoever.
  • Content and activities related to social media must comply with the relevant EETT policies, in addition to all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Users can comment and express their views on EETT’s social media, as long as they do not use inappropriate language and disrespectful characterizations towards EETT or other users.
  • EETT is not responsible for positions, comments and opinions, which are not posted by EETT, nor for any reactions they may cause to third parties. It is therefore not permitted to reproduce users’ relevant positions, comments or opinions, in a way that may imply that their content reflects EETT’s views.
  • All personal data that may be collected or otherwise used by EETT or on its behalf via social media must comply with all applicable data protection and privacy regulations, as well as with EETT’s policies.
  • EETT reserves the right not to publish and/or remove posts containing:
    • content that is threatening, abusive, pornographic or offensive to specific groups based on ethnic/racial origin, religion, gender, etc., and in general phrases falling within the penal code;
    • content that promotes violence and racism;
    • content that violates copyright law;
    • references to sensitive personal data;
    • links to web addresses and/or publications of other websites, as well as extensive reports not related to the content of a specific post;
    • spam messages containing viruses or suspicious files or advertising/promotional material for services and products.
  • In addition, EETT reserves the right to block users who violate the above terms.
  • EETT reserves the right to change this policy at any time, so that it is always consistent with the purposes of its presence on social media.

Overall, EETT wishes to communicate via its social media accounts, in order to better inform its key audiences. In this context, ΕΕΤΤ is willing to provide any information relating to the purpose of its operation and its competences, strictly adhering to the restrictions listed above. However, it should be noted that EETT does not intend to turn its social media accounts into contact points for consumers complaints. Furthermore, EETT’s social media accounts are not intended to replace neither the existing official procedures for handling consumers issues, requests or complaints, i.e. the Consumer Protection Departments nor the hearing procedure.  EETT’s presence on social media does not replace, influence or otherwise prejudge the exercise of its competences, in particular its supervisory role as required by the legislation in force (Law 4070/2012, 4053/2012 and 4727/2020) and the regulatory framework for electronic communications and postal services as in force.

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