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Digital broadcasting networks

ΕΕΤΤ has granted DIGEA – Digital Provider Inc. rights of use for radio frequencies to install, operate and exploit a terrestrial digital broadcasting network and provide electronic communications services. EETT also approves the highest price (Price Cap) that DIGEA must observe, when charging content providers (television stations) for the service of transmitting and distributing content at national and regional level (television program transfer).

The Price Cap is calculated using a model based on a Fully Distributed Cost Current Cost Accounting System (FDC-CCA) for a typical efficient national network provider. The model calculates the Network Development and Operation Cost (NDOC) for digital broadcasting at national level, as well as the Regional Network Development and Operation Cost (RNDOC), for the service of content broadcasting and distribution.

The model is audited by an independent auditor designated by EETT, following an international tender. The auditor reviews the compliance of the model with the principles approved by EETT. EETT also approves the updates of the NDOC and the RNDOC.

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