Wholesale Line Rental

Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) enables alternative providers to rent a line (on wholesale terms) from OTE and resell it to end users.

WLR is available for access lines of:

  • PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network): An exclusive line from the switching center of the end user to the termination point of OTE’s network.  
  • ISDN-BRA (Integrated Services Digital Network-Basic Rate Access): An exclusive digital line from the ISDN switching center of the end user to the termination point of OTE’s network, as well as network termination terminal equipment (NT/LTE).
  • Managed VoIP: The physical access to the network of OTE through broadband access which, together with the end user’s phone number and telecommunication equipment (phone device, etc.), ensures the use of voice services, through one or more voice channels, from a fixed location.

To acquire WLR, subscribers can contact a provider of their choice and sign a relevant contract. Subscribers can keep their phone number, without applying for portability, since the provider leases the line from OTE along with the phone number. With WLR, the alternative provider sends subscribers a single phone bill, which includes the fixed monthly fee and the cost of calls. For tariffs and any technical problems, subscribers may contact the provider of WLR services.

It is pointed out that the availability of WLR and its final retail price depends on the commercial policy of each alternative provider.

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