Surveillance procedure

EETT is the competent authority for the surveillance of the radio equipment market, in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 98/2017, Article 39. The broader framework of the surveillance of the product market in the European Union is provided in the Regulation (EC) No. 765/2008.

Within the framework of market surveillance, EETT intervenes and takes measures to ensure that these products fulfill the requirements laid down by relevant Union legislation and do not present any risks to the health, safety, environment or other aspects of public interest. Surveillance actions protect consumers against non-conforming or dangerous products and undertakings against unfair competition by those undertakings who do not follow the rules.

EETT carries out inspections to establish the conformity of radio equipment products which are sold by physical or online stores. To monitor administrative compliance of radio equipment, the RED control form is used. If non-compliance is established, EETT may impose on economic operators measures to restrict, prohibit, withdraw or recall products, as well as penalties (Article 46 of the Directive 2014/53/EU).

Find information about the announcements made by EETT on issues related to the surveillance of radio equipment (available in Greek):

Information regarding notifications for unsafe products is available on the following websites:

In addition, learn about the installation and use of mobile repeaters (available in Greek): 

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