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Spectrum Management information System

This project (‘SMS’) aims at the design, procurement, deployment, integration, operation and effective utilization in Greece of an innovative, modular, scalable, comprehensive Spectrum Management Information System. SMS is designed to support EETT in the entirety of the required operations for the electronic granting of rights of use for radio frequencies to enterprises, public organizations and citizens. This system will support EETT in all its stipulated statutory responsibilities regarding the maintenance/management activities of the National Radio-Communications Registry, the management of the radio spectrum and the granting of rights of use for radio frequencies.

The approved budget amounts to € 2.012.673,39  (two million and twelve thousand six hundred and seventy three Euros and thirty nine Eurocents), including VAT. The project is fully co-financed by national funds and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union.


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