Content (of SMS)

The scope of SMS encompasses the design, procurement, development, installation/customization, integration, operation and effective utilization of Software Applications, Software Tools, support services and underlying H/W which enable the effective management and commercial utilization of the frequency spectrum scarce national resource. In particular SMS includes:

  • Software Applications regarding, inter alia, the management of applications for rights of use for radiofrequencies, electronic submission of applications for rights of use for radiofrequencies, management of allotted radiofrequency bands and channels, management of the radio-communication station locations, management of prototype technical infrastructure, electronic compilation and dissemination of template reports and associated relevant documentation and management of spectrum charges/fees.
  • Software Tools in order to perform, inter alia, technical studies regarding radio coverage/interference as recommended by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) as well as by the applicable national legislation so as to ensure the efficient use of spectrum and prevent harmful interference on licensed electronic communications networks using radio frequencies.
  • The provision of services regarding the installation of infrastructure and software applications, data transfer from the existing spectrum management system to SMS, training of EETT personnel, and support services during the initial phase of operation SMS.
  • Supply of support infrastructure (H/W and System S/W) and of active network elements required for the installation and operation of SMS.

The Software Applications and Software Tools of SMS interact/communicate (bi-directionally), exchange data and operate in an integrated manner. Additionally, SMS interface with existing EETT IT systems, such as the Electronic Application Submission System for Antenna Structures Licensing (referred to in Greek as ΣΗΛΥΑ”).

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