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Satellite communications Spectrum Monitoring System

This project (‘SSMS’) encompasses the design, procurement, deployment, integration, operation, and effective utilization of a state-of-the art, (ground) Satellite Spectrum Monitoring System in Greece. SSMS enables EETT to react effectively, timely as well as being proactive in Satellite Spectrum Monitoring in order to support commercial, private and public entities/stakeholders who receive or depend upon satellite services.

Fully operational, SSMS will enable EETT to effectively and timely exercise its statutory responsibilities pertaining to monitoring and ensuring the unobstructed use, of the spectrum utilized in satellite communications, the granting of rights of use for corresponding frequencies and the ensuing management activities regarding the National Radio-Communications Registry; thus it facilitates, assists and promotes national efforts expended towards encouraging entrepreneurship and the transition to a digital economy.

SSMS is expected to assist and reinforce domestic investment activity in Next Generation Networks (NGN). Moreover, it will provide an innovative platform capable of incubating (mutually beneficial) cooperation between EETT and institutions/entities involved in basic and/or applied research, of promoting cooperation with European and International organizations and associations, and strengthening and promoting the international visibility of Greece in the satellite services sector.

The approved budget amounts to € 3,750,000.00 (three million and seven hundred and fifty thousand Euros), including VAT. The project is fully co-financed by national funds and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union.


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