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Premium rate services

Multimedia Information Services (MIS), also known as premium rate services, are associated with the transmission of information/content in electronic communications networks. Examples of premium rate services are voting, competitions, purchases (e.g. ‘downloading’ ringtones, video, games via SMS), the provision of technical support, participation in TV game shows via telephone, provision of information services (e.g. weather forecast, sports news), astrology/card reading and adult services.

To provide these services, you are required to acquire a General Authorization and then, submit an application for the allocation of the numbering resources from the National Numbering Plan to be used.

EETT issues a relevant Code of Conduct, in which it lays down the rules for the provision of Multimedia Information Services as well as the specific terms for the provision of certain types of Multimedia Information Services (such as videotext and audiotext services, services via the Internet and subscription SMS services). Licenced providers are required to comply with the Code of Conduct. Where evidence of infringement is found, EETT may impose administrative penalties.

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