General information

To provide electronic communications services, you are required to acquire a General Authorization, which is granted by EETT. In addition, a General Authorization is required for the provision of electronic communications services by third parties not owning electronic communications infrastructure and providing electronic communications services under a different trademark and business organization, relying on the infrastructure of other entities who provide electronic communications networks and/or services, with whom they have signed a relevant contract.

A general authorization is not required in the following cases:

  • Resale of electronic communications services to users.
  • Self-use of radio terminal equipment, provided that it is not associated with an economic activity. A typical example is the use of the citizens’ band by radio amateurs, which does not constitute the provision of an electronic communications network or service.
  • The operation of state electronic communications networks.
  • The provision of number-independent interpersonal communications services, such as Viber and Skype.

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