The administrative body of EETT is a nine-member Committee consisting of:

  • The President and two Vice Presidents, competent for the sectors of electronic communications and postal services, respectively. The President and the Vice Presidents are selected and appointed by the Council of Ministers upon a proposal by the Minister of Digital Governance and following the opinion of the Special Permanent Committee on Institutions and Transparency of the Hellenic Parliament.
  • Six Members, appointed by the Minister of Digital Governance.

The term of office of the Plenary is four years and members cannot be appointed for more than two terms, whether consecutive or not. Renowned persons with high-level scientific expertise, academic qualifications and extensive professional experience are selected for the Plenary. They enjoy full personal and operational independence in exercising their tasks.

The composition of ΕΕΤΤ Plenary is as follows:

Professor Konstantinos Masselos

Professor Dimitris Varoutas
Vice President

Dr Spyros Pantelis
Vice President

Professor Antonios Gasteratos

Professor Aristea Sinanioti-Maroudi

Professor George Dimitrakopoulos

Professor Athanasios Panagopoulos

Angelos-Zikos PeponisMember

Dr Petros PotikasMember