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Prior to the installation and operation of an antenna construction a licence or notification is required, as well as a building construction permit. The obligation of licensing is largely determined by the characteristics of the antenna construction irrespective of its intended use, commercial or otherwise. In addition to the antenna constructions, masts and accessories (support structures, struts, etc.) fall into the legal framework of “antenna constructions”.

Certain types of antenna constructions are allowed to be installed and operate without a licence from EETT. These are, for example, antenna constructions for television signal reception and antenna constructions of the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), security forces and ministries.

EETT is the competent authority for the licensing of antenna constructions based on  Law 4635/2019 (mainly Articles 20-38, Chapter K, Part Α). The procedure and required documents are specified in the relevant Regulation issued by EETT.

The antenna construction licence awarded by EETT constitutes a supporting document for issuing an building constructions permit, which concludes the licensing process.

Electronic Application Submission System for antenna constructions

The submission and management of applications/declarations/licences take place through the Electronic Application System (SILYA) for antenna constructions,  a web portal developed by EETT. Potential users of the portal include:

  • Electronic communications providers who wish to acquire a licence for an antenna construction.
  • Public sector bodies that participate in reviewing the applications submitted by providers.

To register to the portal, you are required to submit an application to, using the registration application form as well as the user manuals available there.

Learn about the legislative-regulatory framework and the procedure providers of electronic communications networks must follow prior to installing and operating an antenna construction (does not include the procedure for license exempt antenna constructions).

The environmental licensing procedure has been significantly simplified for a number of antenna constructions with the introduction of the concept of Standard Environmental Commitments.

The upgrade of existing licensed antenna constructions (e.g. in order to include additional frequency bands) can be done by submitting a relevant declaration to SILYA, subject to certain criteria that need to be fulfilled.

Describes the antenna construction licensing procedure for not permanently installed base stations which operate on a temporary basis.

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