Licensing procedure

Before installing and operating a land-based antenna construction, you need to acquire all necessary approvals/licences mostly provided for in Law 4635/2019 (Articles 20-38, Chapter K, Part A), as amended by Article 44 of Law 4821/2021 (Official Gazette 134/Α/31-07-2021) and Article 64 of Law 4690/2020 (Official Gazette 104/Α/30-05-2020), as well as the Regulation on licensing of land-based antenna constructions.

Submit an application for the granting of a licence for antenna constructions through EETT’s Electronic Application Submission System (SILYA) for antenna constructions (Regulation on the operation of the Electronic Application Submission System for Antenna Constructions). Relevant user manuals are available on SILYA portal.

Pursuant to EETT Decision No. 919/026/2019, Article 6:

  1. Full details of the applicant (company name, distinctive title, legal form, registered office, TIN, S.A. Register Number), information and contact number of the technician in charge and statement of hosted providers where the antenna construction is shared.
  2. General Authorization Number, if the owner of the antenna construction falls within the relevant categories of providers of electronic communications services.
  3. In case of a radio or television station, the operation licence of the station must be submitted or, in any case, a certificate of legal operation by the National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV).
  4. Description of the radio communication services that will be provided over the antenna construction, as well as the radio frequency bands of operation.
  5. Description of an antenna construction, which includes:
    1. A unique location number and unique location name, preferably relevant to the area’s geographical name.
    2. The geographic coordinates –latitude and longitude– in the GGRS87 system.
    3. The maximum height of the antenna construction from its base and above ground level.
    4. The exact address of the location of the antenna construction, the postal code, the Municipality and Prefecture of the location of the antenna construction.
    5. Reference to possible construction of a cubicle and/or installation of cabinets. If a cubicle is to be used to house equipment transmitting terrestrial digital broadcasting signals using radio frequencies for radio and television signal, the number of multiplexes must be stated.
    6. Reference, where necessary, to the EETT Decision provided for in paragraph 1b of Article 27 of Law 4635/2019.
    7. The specifications of masts or support pillars of antenna constructions (height of mast and mast base above ground level).
    8. Statement of the number of transmission/reception antennas and their main technical specifications (for example, frequency bands of operation and radio communication services they serve per provider where the antenna construction is shared).
  6. A Solemn Declaration of non-moving for the construction signed by the owner, where the application concerns the amendment of an existing licence. Where the amendment concerns correcting coordinates, the following documents are also required:
    1. A certificate of non-moving for the construction by an engineer.
    2. A site plan, from which it emerges that no moving of construction has taken place, if there is no exact postal address at the specific location.
  1. An application to the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority(CAA) for the safety of air navigation and a respective application to the Air Force General Staff (HAFGS), where appropriate.
  2. An application for granting rights of use for radio spectrum or proof of legal use of transmission and reception frequencies, as according to EETT Decision No. 919/026/2019, Article 21.
  3. Study on radio emissions accompanied by a site plan and architectural plans (as provided for, where appropriate, in Article 23 of Law 4635/2019), for the adoption of a positive opinion by the Greek Atomic Energy Commission (EEAE), where applicable.
  4. Environmental impact study (EIS) or, where appropriate, a declaration on being subject to Standard Environmental Commitments (SEC), in accordance with applicable legislation on environmental licensing and as provided for in Article 20 of EETT Decision No. 919/026/2019.
  5. A Solemn Declaration on assuming the obligation to submit all appropriate information and studies required for the approval of antenna building constructions in accordance with Article 23 of Law 4635/2019.
  6. Proof of payment of the administrative fee, based on the EETT Decision No. 919/026/2019, Article 11.
  7. A Solemn Declaration in which it is stated whether the installation of the antenna construction and/or its putting into operation has taken place prior to submitting the application for the granting of an antenna construction licence.
  8. Reference, where necessary, to the EETT Decision provided for in paragraph 1b of Article 27 of Law 4635/2019.

Please note that in case for competent agencies without access to SILYA, a paper application must be submitted directly to them, accompanied by the respective supporting documents and the standardized application of SILYA in order to grant the required approval. You should then update SILYA with all the relevant receipts of submission.

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