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Title Date Icon 12/12/2016 EETT’s new e-app to compare retail prices of telecommunications products and courier services



December 12th, 2016

ΕΕΤΤ designed and launched “
Pricescope ”, the price
observatory for telecommunications and postal services. It is an innovative e-app for consumers
enabling them to compare in a simple and reliable way the retail prices for commercially available
products in fixed telephony, mobile telephony and Internet, as well as courier services for
documents and parcel delivery in Greece.

The basic tools provided by EETT’s
Pricescope are: a) the
search of products by multiple criteria and b) the comparison of retail prices based on the
consumer’s use. By using Pricescope, consumers can also:

–    get updated information about new products, changes to existing product
features, add-on packages and offers.

–    change constantly the selected criteria/data and get differentiated

–    create personalized profiles which facilitate future searches and product

The data are inserted and constantly updated by the providers in a uniform and consistent way,
reinforcing the objectivity and transparency of the applied methodology.

EETT’s Pricescope, which was developed in the context of the National Strategic Reference
Framework 2007-2013 (operational program “Digital Convergence”) aims at protecting consumer rights
and ensuring their access to competitive and affordable choices of telecommunications and courier

With Pricescope, EETT, as the competent Regulatory Authority, enhances its actions as regards
to promoting competition, supervising, monitoring and regulating electronic communications and
postal services markets.

Check out Pricescope at
The application is also available in iOS and Android versions.

EETT’s on line e-services for consumers are available

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