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Title Date Icon 30/01/2023

EETT’s President, Prof. K. Masselos assumes BEREC Chairmanship for 2023

The Chairmanship of the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) for 2023 has been assumed by EETT’s President, Prof. K. Masselos. Upon taking on his new duties, Prof. Masselos stated: “In this era of rapid technological advancements and complex regulatory challenges, EETT is a prominent player in shaping European policy for electronic communications. The BEREC Chairmanship further strengthens our ability to contribute to the joint effort of accelerating Europe’s digital transformation and utilizing modern technological solutions for the benefit of consumers and the market.”

BEREC contributes to the development and better functioning of the internal market for electronic communications networks and services. It does so by aiming to ensure a consistent application of the EU regulatory framework and by aiming to promote an effective internal market in the telecoms sector, in order to bring even greater benefits to consumers and businesses alike. Furthermore, BEREC assists the European Commission and the national regulatory authorities (NRAs) in implementing the EU regulatory framework for electronic communications. It provides advice on request and on its own initiative to the European institutions and complements, at the European level, the regulatory tasks performed by the NRAs at the national level.

BEREC’s strategy for the current period prioritizes full connectivity for consumers and businesses, sustainable and open digital markets, and empowering end-users. Under the guidance of EETT, BEREC has adopted an ambitious program of 51 projects for 2023, aiming -among other things- to investigate the feasibility of online platforms contributing to the cost of building telecommunications networks (“fair share”), to promote transition to Very High Capacity Networks (copper switch-off, 2G/3G phase-out), to support the implementation of the Digital Markets Act, to examine the impact of artificial intelligence on the telecommunications market, to analyze technological developments and new business models and their effects on the regulatory environment (tower/fiber companies, LEO satellites, Internet of Things, cloud computing etc.) and to address issues such as cyber security and sustainable development of digital markets. Through its actions, BEREC is making a decisive contribution to the achievement of the objectives set by the EU in the Digital Compass and the “Towards the Digital Decade” policy program for 2030.

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