Temporary rights of use

Temporary rights of radio spectrum use are granted for the coverage of events of limited duration (e.g. sports and cultural events). The maximum duration of a temporary right of use for short term events amounts to 2 months and it may be renewed once for a period up to 2 additional months. For testing purposes the maximum duration is 1 month and it may be renewed once for an additional month.

Categories of temporary rights of use

  • Land-based mobile service.
  • Temporary right of frequency usage for scheduled or non-scheduled short-term events and testing purposes.
  • Services Ancillary to Programme making and Services Ancillary to Broadcasting (SAP/SAB).


The procedure and the conditions for granting of rights are stipulated  in the Regulation on the use and granting of rights of use for radio frequencies under General Authorization.


For radio spectrum  rights to use on a temporary basis, you pay spectrum fees for the use of radio frequencies, in accordance with ANNEX E of the Regulation on fees for radio spectrum use and fees for radio frequency allocation. In detail:

  • Fixed or mobile service stations, including special radio networks
    Fee: 300 euro per frequency and location.
    Duration of right: Up to 2 months. 
  • Terrestrial satellite stations (SNG – Fly Away included)
    Fee: 1,000 euro per location.
    Duration of right: Up to 2 months. 
Important note:

Payment of the above-mentioned fees is a precondition for the granting of a right to use the radio spectrum and is due upon a relevant payment notice sent by EETT.