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Experimental and Trial operation

EETT grants temporary radio spectrum rights of use exclusively for experimental, research, pilot, trial, demonstration or similar purposes.

Licensing conditions

Radio spectrum rights of use for the purposes above are granted on a non-interference and non-protection basis to existing systems/radio spectrum uses, if any. Holders are solely responsible for complying with the conditions of the granted rights. The rights are granted provided that there is availability of spectrum and that any technical and other conditions, provided for by relevant legislation (available in greek), are fulfilled.

The use of these rights for the provision of electronic communications services to the public or for private needs is prohibited.

In order EETT to verify that an application falls under the above purposes, it may request relevant certificates and other statements as well as anything else it deems necessary to document the feasibility and the duration of the application.

It is pointed out that this responsibility of EETT does not involve networks of public education institutions and other state networks.

Radio equipment

For the radio equipment to be used, all conformity assessment procedures provided for by the Presidential Decree No. 98/2017 must have been fully followed. Especially for the spectrum rights of use for experimental and research purposes, the emissions may be allowed also with the minimum condition that appropriate measures have been taken under the responsibility of the owner of the temporary radio spectrum rights of use based on the existing legislation to avoid harmful interference, electromagnetic disturbances and risks to the health or safety of persons or pets as well as the protection of property.

Application Submission

All applications for radio spectrum rights of use shall be submitted electronically through the Spectrum Management System, SMS, Web Portal.

Before submitting applications, you need to register at the SMS Web Portal.

Please read the following instructions carefully on how to register and submit applications. Also consult the informational videos.

When the SMS was launched, new protocol numbers were assigned to the decisions of granting the rights of use of radio spectrum in force. The mapping list is available below:


For network stations that have been granted temporary radio spectrum rights of use radio for experimental, research, pilot, trial, demonstration or similar purposes, the radio spectrum use fee is set at 115 euros per month, per location and per radio spectrum band and is to be paid immediately after notification of payment by EETT.

An 80% discount is foreseen for the above calculated fee in cases where the applicant does not carry out a commercial activity related to the radio spectrum and the requested radio spectrum bands are not regulated by the EETT Regulation for the Terms of Use for Radio Spectrum.

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