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General Authorization

For the provision of services under the General Authorization regime an annual fee is paid mandatory, calculated as a percentage of the gross annual revenue generated from the provision of postal services for items weighing up to 20 kg (article 12 of the General Authorization Regulation).

Fees: Calculation - Procedure for payment

The annual state fee with respect to the previous financial year has to be settled no later than June 30 of the current year. No prior written notification by EETT to the postal providers is required. The fee is determined according to the table.

Total gross annual revenue zone from postal services (million euros)
Fee rate per zone
Ε <= 30
30 < Ε <= 100
100 < Ε

Minimum annual State fee: 250 euros, regardless of the amount of gross income generated during the previous year and the date of registration/removal from the registry.

In particular, the state fees are calculated based on the total gross annual revenue generated by the provision of postal services under the General Authorization regime and are certified by a chartered accountant or the Financial Director (or another official with corresponding duties in the company) and signed by the legal representative, depending on the company’s accounting books classification.

The amount generated related to the following activities is excluded from the total gross annual revenue used to calculate the corresponding fee. These amounts should be written distinctly in the company’s accounting books in such a way that they can be clearly distinguished from the revenue used to calculate the fee while at the same time the exact nature of this exempted revenue can be verified. Examples of the services exempted are:

  • Handling of items over 20 kg.
  • Services relating to the handling of items that either do not have the characteristics of a postal item or may be provided by third parties directly to the user (e.g. customs clearance and insurance services).
  • Participation of postal providers as network members, excluding foreign companies.
  • Pay on delivery services and commercial value of goods, as well as revenue arising from financial services (e.g. collections).

The fees are deposited into one of the following EETT’s account. In the note field of the deposit slip, provider’s EETT Registration Number (RN) or the provider’s Tax Identification Number are displayed.

IBAN: GR 68 0140 3420 3420 0200 2002 535
EFG Eurobank Ergasias
IBAN: GR 8002 6002 70000 310 200 1131 44
NBG National Bank
IBAN: GR 6101 1071 000000 710 50 7000 70
IBAN: GR 1001 720 13000 501 3033 720 885

Fee payment statement

Along with the payment of the fee, you must submit a fee payment statement through the eRegistry, accompanied by the necessary documents referred to in Annex III of the General Authorization Regulation.

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