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Submit a complaint about premium rate services

For issues relating to premium rate services, please fill out the form below. Before contacting EETT, you should submit a complaint to your company, which is required to respond in writing within 20 calendar days.

Important note:
  • The mission of EETT is to carry out targeted actions to protect consumers. In this context, it examines complaints in order to take, where necessary, supervisory and regulatory measures and also imposes administrative penalties on companies, as provided for by applicable legislation. However, EETT is not responsible for resolving individual disputes between consumers and electronic communications providers. In particular, it may not issue an opinion on oral/written legal issues, redress any personal injuries of consumers or award compensation for material or non-material damages. In addition, it is not an out-of-court body for resolving disputes between consumers and companies. In the event of disputes between companies and consumers relating to the performance of contracts (in accordance with Law 4727/2020), the competent authority for out-of-court resolution is the Hellenic Consumers’ Ombudsman that cooperates with EETT, where necessary.
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  • EETT does not examine requests/complaints which are either anonymous/unsigned or vague/manifestly unfounded.
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In handling your complaint, EETT is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy in addition to complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679).

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