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ΕΕΤΤ’s competence over consumer complaints

Reports/complaints submitted by consumers to EETT are forwarded to the undertaking against which the complained is addressed, along with EETT’s request for the latter to respond expressing its view regarding the facts of the complaint within a defined deadline. Both the request and the company’s response is forwarded to the consumer concerned.

ΕΕΤΤ classifies complaints based on the seriousness of the reported infringements of legislation on electronic communications and takes, where necessary, appropriate measures within its competences, as provided for in Article 113, paragraph 2, points (g), (h) and (y) and Article 133 of Law 4727/2020 and the policy objectives of Article 109 hereof.

These measures are either of regulatory nature, by issuing regulatory acts which address consumer protection issues in the electronic communications sector, or repressive measures, in which case the administrative penalties provided for are imposed, following a hearing, in which a series of complaints/reports by consumers are found to constitute an infringement of electronic communications legislation by a supervised provider/operator. 

ΕΕΤΤ’s mission  regarding  issues affecting consumer of electronic communications products/services  is to take targeted regulatory actions for the benefit thereof but not to resolve every individual personal dispute between consumers and providers of electronic communications services/products.

Consequently, EETT does not provide legal opinions on questions submitted orally or in writing, nor is responsible for redressing any personal damage suffered by the complainant nor can the latter seek or demand an award of compensation for material or moral damage.

EETT is not responsible where arising disputes require ruling on the facts and judgment on the validity of a civil-law legal relationship, in which case, civil courts are competent for resolving the dispute.

EETT is not an out-of-court body for resolving disputes between consumers and providers, but will only impose administrative penalties on the latter as stipulated in legislation in force. In the event of disputes between companies and consumers resulting from the implementation of Law 4727/2020 and concerning the performance of contracts, the competent authority for out-of-court resolution is the Hellenic Consumers’ Ombudsman, in cooperation with EETT, where required.

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