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Title Date Icon 28/12/2015

EETT’s new General Authorizations Regulation: Highlights for consumers

Controlling excessive charges: When signing a new contract, the subscriber may
request discontinuance of service when charges exceed a predetermined amount. In this case, the
provider is obliged to automatically discontinue services.

Increasing charges or changing contract terms in connections & bundled services

Postpaid subscribers: The provider must inform the subscriber at least one month before
imposing them through the printed and / or online bill. The subscriber has the right to object and
to terminate the contract – without charge – within 30 days.

For prepaid mobile telephony: The update is sent via text message (SMS) at least one month

Prepaid card: Consumers should be informed if new charges are to be imposed before the end
of the prepaid time and on how they can be informed on any further changes.

Refunding of the fixed fee in case of delayed recovery of connection breakdown: If
the subscriber reports a connection breakdown that lasts for more than one working day – and is not
due to his/her own fault – the provider, without any prior printed or oral request by the
subscriber, is responsible to automatically refund the fixed fee of the contract in a following

Charges in cases of temporary line disconnection due to overdue payments: If the
connection is temporarily disconnected due to the subscriber’s overdue payments for an entire
billing period, then the provider is able to only impose a simple fixed reconnection fee and not
the connection charges for telephony bundled services and/or of data. In addition, during the
disconnection period the subscriber has the right to apply for an immediate and permanent
discontinuance of the connection.

Penalty charges in case of early termination of the contract: In case of
terminating a contract before its expiry date, penalty charges covering the initial subsidy given
to the subscriber by the provider are set.

Free of charge queuing for directory services: Providers no longer charge the
queuing time spent by the subscriber when calling the providers’ directory service, i.e., before
the service begins.

Stolen devices: Mobile operators must keep a list of the identification data of
devices which have been stolen to block outgoing calls from them.

Keeping billing information: Providers must keep billing details of their
subscribers for a period of 12 months.

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