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Title Date Icon 28/12/2015

Detailed information about the new EETT Regulation on Portability

a. Examination and implementation time of portability applications is accelerated

– The time for examining portability requests by the new provider is reduced from one working
day to 6 working hours. As a result, the implementation time of portability is correspondingly
reduced and mobile telephony portability can be finalized within a day.

b. Grounds for refusing the application are limited and information requirements are

– The approval of the application only requires the indispensable subscriber identification
(ID). The responsibility of identifying the subscriber rests with the new provider.

– Within one working day, the new provider must inform the subscriber for the reasons of

c. Specific and mandatory deadlines for the cancellation of the portability request are

– In mobile telephony subscribers have the right to cancel portability requests at any time
until they receive their new SIM card from the new provider. The card will be given immediately
after acceptance of the portability request from the current provider.

– In fixed telephony, in cases when portability requires the new provider to access the local
loop, the subscriber has the right to cancel the request until 3 business days prior to the
scheduled date of implementation.

– The subscriber can be informed of the scheduled date of the local loop implementation by
the new provider.

– In fixed telephony, when portability does not require connection of the new provider to the
local loop, the subscriber should be informed by the new provider for the acceptance of the
application and has the right to cancel it within the next working day from the day of

– In all cases, the cancellation of portability requests is submitted by the subscriber to
the new provider.

d. All portability requests and requests for cancellations should be confirmed

– In the case of printed or electronic submission of applications, the subscriber receives
respectively printed or electronic copies. When submitting applications via fax or phone, the
subscriber receives an SMS. The confirmation by the provider of the submission of portability
applications as well as cancellations must be accompanied by a list of the unique reference number
of the application and the date of submission.

– Cancellation requests may be submitted at any point of sale of the provider. Providers are
required to provide relevant information prominently on their website.

e. A compensation procedure for delay and abuse of number portability is

Subscribers are liable to to compensation in case of:

– Portability delays, due to the provider, exceed 3 working days.

– Portability is implemented without their consent or despite their timely submission of a
cancellation request and in case of service disconnection during transfers for more than a day.

– In these cases, the subscriber has to go to a new provider and request information. Within
two months from the delayed or abusive number transfer, the subscriber has the right to contact the
provider responsible (e.g., the new or previous provider) and apply for compensation according to
EETT Regulation. If the provider rejects the subscriber’s request for compensation, then the
subscriber is entitled to appeal to EETT.

– The compensation amount will be appropriately determined by the EETT Regulation for
portability and will be doubled if the request is refused by the provider, and then accepted by

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