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The Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) is holding a Public Consultation on issues pertaining to Carrier Preselection until November 11th, 2005.
This Public Consultation aims to record the viewpoints and comments of interested providers regarding the existing regulatory framework governing Carrier Preselection in Greece and the issues that may have arisen from its implementation, focusing mainly on:
• the need to take measures to limit win-back campaigns;
• cancellation procedures and the methodology used to submit Carrier Preselection requests;
• the establishment of an electronic system of communication among telecommunications providers to forward and process Carrier Preselection requests under the supervision of EETT.
More specifically, with regards to win-back campaigns, it is suggested that a time period should be established, in which previous providers would not contact  their subscribers to win them back.
The measures that could be adopted to improve the Carrier Preselection cancellation procedure involve providing subscribers with one of the following request submission possibilities:
a) only to the Responsible Provider
b) either to the Preselected or the Responsible Provider
c) to the Preselected Provider
With regards to the application filing procedures, one of the measures established in the Consultation text is to become mandatory for Preselection requests, made by subscribers, over the phone to be recorded on tape - under penalty of cancellation of the request - after having informed the subscriber about it. It is also suggested that consumers be able to confirm the correct processing of their applications by just keying a code. Further, it is suggested to use OTE's information systems to facilitate communication between the liable provider with preselected providers. 
ΕΕΤΤ shall draw on the results of the Consultation to review the need for regulatory intervention on its part.
The text of the Consultation is available at EETT’s website (www.eett.gr, Home Page or News- Announcements section).