Market questionnaires

Through questionnaires, EETT collects data on the following topics (Law 4727/2020, Articles 113 and 128, predecessor Law 4070/2012, Articles 12 and 38 and Regulation on the procedure for the regular collection of data on the electronic communications market in Greece, specifically Article 4) in order to:

  • Maintain a record of data that provides an overview of the market.
  • Generate statistical indicators about the evolution of the market.
  • Define and analyze relevant sub-markets.
  • Cooperate and exchange information with public authorities, the European Commission and National Regulatory Authorities (NRA) of other EU Member States.
  • Submit statistical data about market development to national and international bodies.
  • Prepare reports on the development of the market.
  • Use data to inform its regulatory and supervisory tasks, including its competence as a competition authority.

The market monitoring questionnaires are fixed. Providers are required to fill out and submit to EETT all questionnaires relating to their activities on an annual basis, based on an annual submission timetable. 

Year of reference 2023

(available in Greek)

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