1. What is the repair time limit for line failure? Can I request that my calls are forwarded to another fixed or mobile number?

The company is required to make all reasonable efforts, to the extent technically feasible, to repair line failure within four calendar days from reporting. In case of cable damage, the above period is extended to six calendar days. You may ask that your calls will be forwarded to another fixed/mobile number. However, the company has the right to charge you for call forwarding, based on the terms of your plan.

2. How can I be informed about failure repair progress?

You may receive information about the failure repair progress by contacting, free of charge, the failure-reporting customer service line. When contacting the company, you will need the failure identification number you received from the company when you reported the failure.

In addition, the company will notify you as soon as the failure is repaired.

3. Will I be paying a monthly fee for the period that the failure lasted?

If the failure caused the disruption of provided services and exceeded the time limit of two working days from its reporting, the company is required to credit to the subscriber the portion of the monthly fee payable by the subscriber, corresponding to the time period of disruption of the services provided. This obligation does not apply if the damage is due either to your fault or a third party or due to force majeure.

The amount is credited by the company automatically in a subsequent bill within four months from the repair, without requiring a prior request by the subscriber. This credit and the disruption period should be clearly indicated in your bill.

4. Am I entitled to compensation if the repair is delayed?

EETT is not the competent authority for awarding compensation for any material or non-material damages.

You are entitled to claim compensation from the provider for any material or non-material damages incurred as a result of incomplete/defective construction, installation, maintenance or operation of the network, the services provided or the terminal equipment. It is pointed out that any unjustified disruption of the network and services give users the right to claim compensation.

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