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Successful completion of EETT’s 9th International Conference

June 12, 2017

EETT’s 9th International Conference entitled “Electronic Communications & Postal Services
in the Digital Single Market” was successfully concluded.

More than 600 executives from the electronic communications, postal and broadcasting markets,
representatives from the European Union, international regulators and international organizations
have participated in the sessions of the Conference, while distinguished speakers have highlighted
the growth potential of broadband investment, the advancements of hybrid TV and the prospects for
post and courier markets within the context of the implementation of the ‘Digital Agenda 2020’ and
given the new technological developments.

The Conference’s sessions were focused on investments in next generation access networks,
experiences and best practices from other EU countries, the evolution of the fixed and mobile
broadband markets in Greece, the development of hybrid TV and its implications for the electronic
communications and broadcasting markets as well as on the optimal use of radio spectrum policies.
Particularly interesting were the sessions over the institutional framework and regulatory
challenges, and the expansion of services in the postal and courier markets.

EETT, in the context of its regulatory and supervisory role, intends to fully use the
Conference’s valuable outcomes in defining its next strategic decisions and future interventions
for the benefit of the two markets, the consumer and the Greek economy.

For more information, presentations and videos, visit

The minutes of the Conference, as well as additional material, will be uploaded on the same
website in the near future.

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