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Speech by ΕΕΤΤ President on effective NGA regulation at the FTTH Council Europe

February 21st, 2012

ΕΕΤΤ’s President and BEREC Chair 2013, Dr. Leonidas Kanellos, presented the key objectives of
the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) regarding the effective
regulation of NGA networks towards the successful implementation of the European Digital Agenda.
The presentation took place during the closing ceremony of the Annual Conference of the FTTH
Council Europe, which was held in Munich, on February 15-16. More than 3,300 industry executives
from sectors such as equipment manufacturing, fiber optic network management and content and
service development as well as delegates from local authorities and user communities attended the

Dr. L. Kanellos focused on how effective regulatory models contribute to the successful
deployment of NGA in Europe. In his speech, he stressed the availability of several options,
instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, when trying to achieve balance between promoting
investment and safeguarding competition in the market. Dr. Kanellos emphasized the urgency to set
new incentives for investors in broadband networks, bearing in mind the current economic and market
conditions, and to lift entry barriers in the broadband market; otherwise anti-competitive
practices could lead to the quick depreciation of existing investments developed by alternative
operators. He also pointed out that the national regulators need to ensure that access to NGA
infrastructure is granted to all operators under equal, fair and transparent conditions, in
accordance with European law.

Dr. L. Kanellos, EETT’s President and BEREC Chair 2013 concluded his speech by stating that “
In this emerging broadband ecosystem, all stakeholders should develop synergies for new
infrastructure and services. On the other hand, the independent regulators commit themselves to the
pursuit of the Digital Agenda goals and to defend the right of all European citizens to embrace the
digital revolution and actively participate in the Information Society”.

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About the Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission (EETT)

Established in 1992, the Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission (EETT), is an
independent Authority, which regulates, supervises and monitors the electronic communications’ and
the postal services markets in Greece. Also acting as competition authority in the regulated
sectors, the Hellenic regulator is committed to ensure a competitive framework in the market to the
benefit of the users. EETT is an independent self-funded decision-making body.

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