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Title Date Icon 05/11/2013

Six EETT operations terminate regional illegal broadcastings

November 5, 2013

EETT in cooperation with local law enforcement authorities performed, in the past three
months, six operations to locate and terminate illegal transmissions in Xanthi, Kavala, Magnesia
and Aetolia-Akarnania as well as a dangerous interference in the unique frequency of the Kozani
National Airport, following an official complaint of the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).
These operations and especially the termination of interference in the frequency of CAA highlight
the 24/7 operational readiness of EETT for the supervision and control of sensitive wireless
networks related to the protection of human life and public safety.

In particular, Hellenic Police with the assistance of EETT’s technical experts from the
regional offices in Thessaloniki and Patras and in the presence of judicial officers terminated the
operation and confiscated the broadcasting equipment of:

– The “Christianity” and “Underground” radio stations, which broadcasted on the 89.3 MHz and
100.3 MHz frequencies respectively in Xanthi, and of “Radio City Volos”, which broadcasted on the
104.6 MHz frequency in Magnesia, following a complaint forwarded by the Hellenic National Council
for Radio and Television Council (NCRTV).

– A mobile phone mast in Kavala following a court order for confiscation.

– The “Music Life” radio station which broadcasted on the 106.9 MHz interfering in the Kozani
Airport unique frequency.

– The broadcasting of a digital television signal on channel 54 by a provider called “Digital
Union” in the broadcasting center of the Akarnanian Mountains.

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