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Title Date Icon 27/11/2014

New regulations by EETT on number portability

November 27 2014

New regulations on number portability were announced by EETT that promote transparency and efficient control as well as accelerate the process by the subscribers themselves, to safeguard consumer rights and at the same time boost competition in the telecommunications market.

Under the new EETT regulations that are already in effect:

  • Examination and implementation of number portability requests are accelerated
  • Reasons for rejecting applications are narrowed
  • Specific deadlines for cancelling applications are set
  • The provider confirms the submission of all portability applications and requests for subscriber cancellation
  • A compensation procedure for transferring delays and abusive transfer of numbers is established.

More information on the portability of numbers is available at and at In addition, with EETT’s web application “Find a telephone number’s Service Provider “, subscribers are aware whether the call they make is within the network of their provider or not and therefore they can assess the relative costs, depending on their economy program.

EETT will continue to focus its actions in ensuring transparency in subscribers’ relations with providers as well as checking whether providers meet their obligations, and improve their service quality.

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