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Title Date Icon 27/04/2016

New EU regulations on roaming charges from April 30

April 27, 2016

EETT informs consumers that from April 30 2016, the mobile operators operating in Greece are
obliged to charge all their subscribers traveling to a EU country, as well as in Liechtenstein,
Iceland and Norway, with the charges applicable to them in Greece (i.e., according to their
telephony program) and the possibility of only a limited extra charge.

If a mobile provider chooses to impose an extra charge for roaming, in addition to national
billing, this must not exceed the following limits:

  • €0.05 per minute (plus VAT) for outgoing calls (roaming) and €0.02 (excluding VAT) for outgoing
  • €0.01 per minute (plus VAT) for incoming calls
  • €0.05 per MB (excluding VAT) for data usage charged per KB

It is noted that each call or sms from countries where this Regulation applies, is charged in
the exact same manner that calls and sms’ are charged to all networks (in accordance with the
telephony program of each subscriber), even if they are addressed to  subscribers of the same

This obligation on mobile operators that is called “Roaming Like At Home plus – RLAH +”, is
imposed within the scope of a new European regulation on international roaming and is aimed at
removing any – additional national – roaming charges within the EU after June 15, 2017.

EETT monitors the compliance of mobile operators in the implementation of the Regulation and
observes developments in the international roaming market in cooperation with the Body of European
Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) and the European Commission.

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