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Title Date Icon 02/07/2014

More than 80,000 measurements of broadband speed through EETT’s HYPERION

July 02, 2014

More than 80,000 measurements of ADSL / VDSL broadband connections’ speed and quality have
been made, so far, by about 12,300 registered users of HYPERION, EETT’s innovative and reliable
“System Performance Evaluation of Broadband Connections”.

Through the touch of a button, HYPERION users measure and compare the performance of the
actual speed and the qualitative characteristics of their broadband connection by geographical
area, connectivity package and time of day. At the same time, they can check whether the provider
restricts access to selected services, preventing optimal use of the speed of their connection. In
addition, HYPERION offers users the ability to keep a history of their measurements, complete with
statistics and their graphic representation on the digital map.

The renowned and transparent methodology, based on the measuring tools NDT and GlasNost of
the Measurement Lab Partnership (M-Lab) open code, in combination with the unique feature of the
system to perform speed measurements in a neutral interconnection point (node GR-IX) in relation to
the provider’s network – excluding any impact on the measurement by the network traffic of other
providers in Greece or abroad – constitute HYPERION as the most reliable application for the
evaluation of the speed of fixed Internet.

With transparency in subscriber-provider relationship and the protection from unfair
practices as its top priorities EETT invites subscribers from all over Greece to contribute with
their measurements through HYPERION to the creation of the first digital map of broadband coverage
in our country.

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