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Title Date Icon 21/12/2018

ΕΕΤΤ’s Open Internet Regulation

A regulation on the Open Internet has been issued by EETT, establishing measures for Internet access services in the Greek market, based on the relevant EU Regulation (2015/2120).

In particular, the measures include the following issues:

  • Implementation of traffic management practices and provision of specialized services (such as IPTV) by Internet service Providers (ISPs).
  • Provision of differentiated pricing services (such as 0-rating) by ISPs.
  • Provision of information to subscribers about issues related to the Open Internet and quality of service, especially regarding Internet access speed.

In particular, regarding the provision of information to consumers about Internet speed, the national regulation sets a specific methodological framework, which will be used for the evaluation
and publication of ISPs’ speed ratings. The aim is for subscribers of both fixed and mobile networks to be informed about the realistically expected connection speeds, through the contract
terms concerning the provision/use of the services.

Moreover, the national regulation determines subscribers rights in case of discrepancies between the measured speed and the performance indicated in the contract terms. In this context, it defines the framework under which ISPs will carry out tests to confirm relevant subscriber complaints.

The national regulation (EETT Decision 876/7B/17-12-2018) will enter into force after its publication on the Government Gazette. In order for the regulation to be implemented, the following
transitional periods are foreseen after it enters into force:

  • A four-month period in order for ISPs to comply with:
    • Any business practices regarding differentiated billing.
    • The terms of Internet access services provision/use, in order to incorporate all the information provided in the Regulation. It is noted that this stage does not include information
      related to speed evaluation and publication, or other quality parameters.
  • An eight-month period, in order for ISPs to incorporate in the service provision/use terms information related to the evaluation and publication of Internet speeds or other quality

The document of EETT’s decision is available (in Greek) on its website:

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