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Title Date Icon 08/10/2015

EETT: Recommendations for the protection of consumers

October 8, 2015

EETT issued recommendations to consumers in order to choose and enjoy telecommunications
services that meet their needs and at the same time prevent unwanted charges.

Specifically, EETT recommends to consumers to:

– be informed in detail on the costs, content and quality of service of the economy program
they choose

– exercise caution when using their mobile phone to access the Internet and in particular
when they use premium rate services (multimedia services)

– pay particular attention when using all mobile phone services available abroad or in border
areas of the mainland or the Greek islands

– to know that they have the right to ask the provider to activate services of controlling

Moreover, EETT has developed and made publicly available at handy applications
through which consumers themselves can:

– monitor the quality and performance of their fixed link to Internet (ADSL / VDSL) via the
“Hyperion” app at:

– be informed of number portability in fixed and mobile phone at the website in which they may also learn,
through a special application, which network belongs to a specific phone number to estimate the
cost of calls

– be informed, through a special application,  on which provider a premium rate number
has been assigned

Focusing on consumers, EETT will continue its work to ensure competition and transparency in
the market, improvement in the quality of service and protection from unfair practices.

Detailed recommendations for consumers can be found at:

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