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EETT publishes quality measurements for the Universal Postal Service in 2012

April 15, 2013

EETT publishes the results of measurements on the quality of provision of the Universal Postal
Service in domestic and international first priority mail for 2012 in the context of its
supervisory role in the postal market.

It is noted that the measurements were carried out jointly with the Universal Service Provider
(ELTA) and were based on the European standard EN 13850. From now on and under the new legal
framework, EETT will conduct its own autonomous and independent measurements of the Universal
Postal Service quality. The selection process of an independent body that will take the
measurements will be conducted through an open international tender and it is expected to be
completed in May 2013.

Concerning the measurements of 2012, the proportion of domestic first priority correspondence,
delivered within one working day from the day they were posted, amounts to 91.6% and within three
working days to 99.7%. In both cases, rates exceed the targets set out in the relevant Ministerial
Decision which is 87% and 98% respectively. It is noted that in recent years, the performance of
the Universal Service Provider is constantly improving, while from 2010 onwards exceeds its

On outgoing international first priority mail, the average performance shows an improvement in
2012 compared to 2011 to 63.3% of the countries. For incoming international mail, the corresponding
average performance is also improved in 77.4% of the countries.

For more information on quality measurements of the Universal Service please visit

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